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My Wild Escort In Adelaide

My buddy has a bunch of family in Adelaide. He’s also loaded and gets bored on the long transcontinental flight. So he often has me come along to keep him company. He pays for my hotel and gives me a bunch of spending money. And I do know how to spend his money! While he’s out making nice with his aunts and uncles, I’m experiencing some of the finest escorts Adelaide has to offer.

I’ve never been much for sight seeing. The escorts are enough sights for me. This last time, Natasha and Melissa visited me in my luxury hotel suite. Natasha was petite, barely five feet and skinny. But she wasn’t lacking in curves. Melissa was tall and a little shy.

These two girls must have worked together before because they seemed, well, quite comfortable around each other. While we sat around drinking beers and just chit-chatting a little, Melissa had her hand up Natasha’s skirt the entire time. I put down my beer and just stared. It was amazing. She asked if I was uncomfortable and wanted her to stop. Hell no! Keep going, I told her. I’d like to just watch a while.

Pretty soon, both of their skirts were off. Hell, everything came off. Melissa was going down on Natasha like the world was going to end tomorrow and if she didn’t eat that puss now, she wouldn’t have another chance. Pretty soon, I couldn’t take it anymore. I took my pants off and asked the ladies to come over to my side.

That’s when things really got dirty. Natasha went down on me while Melissa took my shirt off and kissed my nipples. I reached in both directions and got a handful of both of their asses. After a while, I made the executive decision that it was time for the three of us to head to the bed.

Whew! That was an incredible night. I’ve never gone wrong with escorts in Adelaide. They never fail to satisfy. Blondes, brunettes, I like them all, and with an escort in Adelaide I get my pick. I just feel sorry for my buddy!

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