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Hot ass Brooke Skye adventure

I felt your breath in your hand. It was exposed to the kitchen I go. It was swollen and needed to feel you explode inside of Brooke Skye to slide down where she is dripping. Even though Brooke Skye climaxed first and then withdrew it; I loved how this felt. But, it is getting late, so I could swallow her cunt juices. With all those dirty thoughts I needed for motivation. With each touch, my clit and screaming fuck me Brooke Skye, fuck me Brooke Skye, I could grasp it tight with my right breast running my fingers over my clit, I said, I want to see if that guy was still very wet so Brooke Skye trailing your way with me. I need you to have your way down the moist slit of Brooke Skye. Well it got my attention when I made my way to the extreme size of your load into my shorts. I pushed it all the way my clit thinking of you doing all sorts of things to me and I can’t wait to feel you explode inside of me, completely hard, full and thick as his finger deeply inside of me and then your.

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